Release update december 2017


Here's our monthly release update. This month starring "YouTube publishing" and "Multi tagging for assets".

New: publish videos to YouTube

Mediaconnect connects your content to all major channels. And now it's also possible to publish your videos to YouTube from Mediaconnect. Manage all you videos easily in our media library and post directly to YouTube.

Tag multiple media assets at once and save a lot of time

Keeping a organized library of all your photo's, videos, audio files and other files is vital for streamlined publishing. Tagging your assets is a great way to structure your assets. But tagging a lot of files can be time consuming and a reason not to tag at all. That's why we developed multi tagging for assets. You can now make a selection and assign tags to all the assets in the selection at once. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

All improvements

- Changed redirect to publications list view
- Minor design update
- Edit web-comments in Mediaconnect
- Comments design improvements
- Generic e-mail template Mediaconnect
- Facebook provider settings (fetch user friend list and page likes)
- Design update profiles
- Added custom fields in person detail view
- Design update
- Update design tags
- Update design provider
- Update design channels
- Update design email templates
- Update design sources
- Update design custom fields
- Full publication by reactions
- Moved location from audience to engagement
- Update design feeds
- Update design registrations
- Update design user detail page
- Added calendar-view
- Added last active on to profile
- Added tag filter to profiles list view
- New engagement values and properties added to /engagement
- Merged view publications, stories and channels
- Added sort function to publications
- Twitter account support in audience view
- Tweet display in engagement 

Check all Mediaconnect updates on our release notes page.

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